Mom's Photos of Daughter With Down Syndrome Make Disney Magic Come Alive

Every little girl deserves to feel like a princess.

Kristina Bewley, from Jacksonville, Florida, has a 4-year-old daughter with Down syndrome named Giselle. Giselle loves Disney, and the Bewley family frequently makes trips to the theme park.


During the family’s first trip to Disney World in September 2014, Bewley noticed that Giselle was much more interested in the characters and prancing around in her costume than in any of the rides or attractions.

Bewley, who is a photographer, decided it was the perfect time to take advantage of Disney’s beautiful backdrops and get some photos of her daughter.

Giselle Evelyn Photography

“Giselle is like any other toddler in that she won’t pose for pictures,” Bewley told The Mighty via email. “She has too many other things to explore, and it’s difficult for me to capture moments of her, which make these photos absolutely priceless.”

Bewley noticed that Giselle, who is nonverbal, came out of her shell while spending time around the characters and feeling like a princess.

Giselle Evelyn Photography

Bewley sews many of Giselle’s costumes for their Disney trips and sometimes edits special effects into the photos to make the magic come alive.

Giselle Evelyn Photography
Giselle Evelyn Photography
Giselle Evelyn Photography

“She lights up when she sees the sign for Disney,” Belwey told The Mighty. “She definitely knows she’s a star when we get there.”

Giselle Evelyn Photography
Giselle Evelyn Photography
Giselle Evelyn Photography

“I hope that Giselle’s photos bring a smile to people’s faces,” Belwey told The Mighty. “I hope they see that she is beautiful and full of so much joy and life, just like any other 4-year-old princess.”

Giselle Evelyn Photography
Giselle Evelyn Photography
Giselle Evelyn Photography

Check out more of Bewley’s gorgeous photos on her Facebook page.

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