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Tumblr artist Spencer Salberg knows it can be hard for people living with anxiety and depression to explain how they feel. So three years ago, he decided to use comics to make a sometimes taboo subject easier to understand.

“I drew the anxiety comic during a time when my own anxiety had flared up pretty badly and was keeping me from doing even the simplest things,” Salberg told The Mighty in an email. “It felt really good to be able to take the feelings of that experience and externalize them somewhere else for a bit.”


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tumblr_m0xt4vwrwr1qzwx73 Though the comic is a few years old, its message is still relevant. Recently, Emily McComba, a blogger on XO Jane, wrote a powerful piece called, “I Didn’t Realize How Out of Control My Anxiety Was Until I Saw These Comics.

“[Anxiety] is a real thing,” McComba wrote. “It has a name, and I’m not alone.”

Visit Salberg’s heymonster Tumblr page for more of his art.

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