Avril Lavigne Released Her First Song in 2 Years for an Awesome Reason

Canadian singer Avril Lavigne has released a single to support the 2015 Special Olympics World Games taking place in Los Angeles this summer.

The single, called “Fly,” is a moving tribute to the games, overcoming challenges and the human potential for greatness. The video features footage from Special Olympics events and proceeds from the single will help the Avril Lavigne Foundation support the summer games.

This song means a lot to me personally,” Lavigne said in a press release. “It is inspired by the many young people I’ve met throughout my work with my foundation. They pursue their dreams no matter what obstacles they face.”

The song is the first single released by the singer since 2013, according to Billboard. Lavigne has just come out of a prolonged absence from the public eye because of a Lyme disease diagnosis from which she has recently recovered.

Watch the touching video below, and prepare to get excited about the Special Olympics this summer.

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