The Awesome Reason These Seattle Seahawks Players Were Waiters for a Night

Here’s an offseason story we’re actually psyched about.

In April, players from the Seattle Seahawks traded in their jerseys for aprons and their play books for menus when they volunteered as waiters to raise autism awareness at the “Prime Time: A Spirited Celebrity Waiter Event.” On May 9, ESPN released footage of the fun-filled night:

The event was thrown by Seahawks General Manager John Schnieder and his wife, Traci, whose son, Ben, is on the autism spectrum. Together, the family started “Ben’s Fund” in 2012 to provide grants to families in Washington “to help cover costs associated with medical bills, therapies and numerous other aspects of supporting a child, or children, on the autism spectrum,” according to the Ben’s Fund website.

At “Prime Time: A Spirited Celebrity Waiter Event,” attendees could purchase “Ben Bucks” to then use to pay players for pictures, hugs, food, etc. In its fourth year, the event raised more than $574,000, according to

At an event like this, we’re all together,” Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin said, “trying to do something for a good cause.”

To learn more or donate to Ben’s Fund, head here.

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