What Anxiety Feels Like, as Told by a Comic

Beth Evans is an illustrator best known for the entertaining puns and offbeat humor in her online comics. The 24-year-old also lives with anxiety, so she created a comic series portraying how she experiences panic and self-doubt.

beth evans' comic about a panic attack
Photo via Beth Evans’ Tumblr page

Evans created the comics both as a way to work through her own anxiety and to show others how it feels to live with it. The drawings feature her trying to cope with anxiety and self-doubt, the frustrating “creatures” who knock out her self-confidence and keep her from her dreams and ambitions.

[Anxiety is] a bit of a chameleon,” Evans told The Daily Dot, where she’s currently an Artist in Residence. “Sometimes it’s huge and overbearing, and sometimes it’s this annoying little creature that follows me around.”

beth evans comic about self-doubt
Photo via Beth Evans’ Tumblr page
Beth Evans comic about anxiety
Photo via Beth Evans’ Tumblr page
Beth Evans comic about anxiety and self-doubt
Photo via Beth Evans’ Tumblr page
beth evans comic about anxiety
Photo via Beth Evans’ Tumblr page

Evans originally posted the comics to Tumblr, where they garnered a huge response from thousands of readers who identify with them.

“I hope people who have anxiety can find something to relate to in my comics,” she told The Mighty. “For those who don’t have anxiety, I hope it provides a little look into what it’s like and that there is an understanding there.”

Beth Evans comic about anxiety
Photo via Beth Evans’ Tumblr page

To see more of Evans’ work, visit her Tumblr page and check out her Artist in Residence page on The Daily Dot.

Photos courtesy of Beth Evans.

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