Blind Man Receives Racist Note After Using Handicapped Parking Spot

D’Anthony White was doing some shopping with his fiancé in Silver Spring, Maryland, when he received a hateful note.

White, 30, is blind and has a handicapped parking placard so he doesn’t have to navigate through parking lots when somebody drives him places, Fox News reported. White doesn’t always use a cane to get around, so his disability is not immediately obvious to others.

After finishing their shopping, White and his partner came back to their car to find the note below left on the windshield.

It read,“The only thing hadicap (sic) on you is your brain you lazy ni*****.”

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 3.43.31 PM

White posted the note along with the following message on Facebook.

We went shopping today and parked in a handicapped space. I made sure to display my placard. When we return to the car this was on the windshield.

All disabilities aren’t visible. And, everything you said was negated by using the “N” word to address us.

Ignorance like this is way too commonplace.

Once, a bartender refused to serve me because he assumed I was holding on to James’s shoulder because I was wasted. I had to tell him it was because I had a vision impairment and couldn’t see in the dark bar.

Another time, a gate agent at the airport ignored me during the pre-board — even though I was sitting in the clearly marked handicapped row awaiting assistance.

And, every day I take the train to work, and hold and tap my blind cane,  but people walk right into me. I must say there are some great Samaritans out there who help me navigate the dark train station and get out safely.

I try not to let any of the ignorance bother me too much, because then they’ve won. I keep going because it definitely beats the alternative! And this bigot won’t get me down either!

PS — I’ve stopped saying “sorry.” I say “excuse me.” Sorry don’t live here no more.

Despite the hurtful and ignorant tone of the note, White has taken the high road and is using this as an opportunity to spread awareness.

Just because you can’t see my disability,” White told Fox News, “don’t make the assumption I don’t have one.”

Get more on the story in the video below: 

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