Boy With Down Syndrome Stars in Out-of-This-World Music Video

Ryan Stamper’s dream was to star in a music video. A band from San Diego just made that a reality.

Stamper, who has Down syndrome and survived leukemia when he was 2, plays an astronaut in the video below for Dare To Be Dreamers‘ single, “Still Young.” The band surprised him in late May by flying him to San Diego from his home in Arizona.

Ryan has been our biggest fan since when we first met him,” lead singer Jason David Sluyter told Fox 5. “He used to memorize the words and he would come up to us and try to sing the song and we couldn’t understand what he was saying but we knew he loved the music.”

In the music video, Stamper goes around town collecting people’s dreams, eventually rocketing them off into the sky so they can come true. “I’m happy and I am proud of myself,” he told Fox 5. The band now plans to feature Stamper in all their upcoming music videos.

Watch Stamper star in “Still Young” below.

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