Baby With Down Syndrome Signs With Same Modeling Agency as His Mom

Micah Quinones is already following in his mother’s footsteps.

Micah’s mother, Amanda Booth, is a hugely successful supermodel. Despite being only 11 months old, Micah is already going into the family business.

Amanda Booth
Via Instagram
Amanda Booth's baby in a striped shirt
Via Instagram

Micah, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome when he was 3 months old, has signed with the same modeling agency as his mother, ABC News reported. He and his mother seem to share an innate love of the camera.

As soon as the camera comes out, he looks right into it,” Booth told the outlet. “Everyone says to [Micah], ‘You’re just like your mother.”‘

Amanda Booth and son
Via Instagram

Booth, 26, has been modeling for 10 years. She’s worked with everyone from Nordstrom to Lancome and says she’d love for Micah to be able to work alongside her all day, especially because the new mom is still nursing.

My hope is that he realizes he can have any dream of his own,” Booth told Mother Mag. “I know that he knows he’s going to have to work a little harder than most at certain things. It just means that we will all appreciate every moment so much more.”

Check out some photos of Micah and Booth below:

Ms. Booth's son micah in a highchair
Via Instagram
Amanda Booth and baby looking into camera
Via Instagram
baby between knees looking into camera
Via Instagram
amanda booth and baby outside
Via Instagram
booth and baby lying down
Via Instagram
booth and baby on vacation with sun hats
Via Instagram
booth and baby sunbathing
Via Instagram

To see more photos, visit Micah or Amanda Booth on Instagram.  

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