Her Parents Were Told She May Never Speak. Now, Listen to Her Sing.

Listen to the video below and you’ll find it hard to believe that Annie Titus, from Buffalo, New York, only starting singing seven months ago.

The 26-year-old with autism started taking classes at her local community center in December and discovered she has an immense talent for music, ABC News reported. Her music teachers couldn’t believe she’d never taken lessons before.

I was astounded,” Titus’ teacher, Maria Lindsey, told the outlet. “I was convinced that she had been taking lessons for a long time.”

When she was being diagnosed with autism around age 5, Titus’ parents were told she may never learn to talk, according to the description in the video below. Now Titus not only talks, she blows people away with her singing voice.

Her newfound talent has also helped her to come out of her shell and gain more confidence.

Watch the incredible video below, of Annie Titus’ first ever performance:

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