Moms Who Experienced Postpartum Depression Have Powerful Message for New Parents

Despite the fact that one in seven new moms will live with some form of postpartum depression or anxiety, it’s a topic that can be difficult to discuss — especially considering the pressure and expectations moms are under to be perfect parents. What’s worse, postpartum depression’s stigma can prevent women from seeking necessary help. They’re left to feel like terrible mothers.

In the video below, produced by blogger Jill Krause and the nonprofit Postpartum Progress, women who’ve lived with postpartum depression or anxiety come forward and share their stories. Several new moms reveal the scary thoughts and feelings they experienced before seeking treatment.

“I felt like I could finally be able to rest if I would die,” one mom says.

The video sends a message that postpartum depression and anxiety are real illnesses that deserve treatment. But more than anything, the video sends a message to all moms living with the condition that they’re not alone.

“We are strong, we are fighters, we are good moms,” the video’s description reads. “And we are here for you if you are struggling, too.”

Watch the moving video below.

For more information about and resources for postpartum depression, visit Postpartum Progress.

h/t HuffPost Parents

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