The Adorable Moment Justin Bieber Surprised This Boy With Down Syndrome

This is the sweetest Justin Bieber news we’ve heard in a while.

As part of an episode of the reality TV show “Knock Knock Live,” where unsuspecting people across the country get visits from celebrities, Bieber showed up at a church in Lynwood, California, to pay a surprise visit to Nikea, a rapper, and his son Noah, who has Down syndrome.

Noah loves to rap with his dad, so during his visit, Bieber asked if he could see the two perform together. The father and son got on stage and performed what might be the most adorable rap collaboration of all time.

“For me, just being able to witness that, it almost brought tears to my eyes,” Bieber says in the video clip below.

Watch Bieber surprise Noah and his family in the sneak peek below — and see the incredibly sweet rap father-son rap at :38.

h/t Just Jared

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