Why This Father and His Son With Cerebral Palsy Plan to Run 3,200 Miles

Here’s a father-son team at its finest.

Shaun Evans, a 37-year-old ultra-marathon runner, regularly pushes his 9-year-old son, Shamus, in a wheelchair dubbed the “running chariot,” according to CBS. After the two won a 45-mile race in November 2013, Shamus began asking his dad when they would complete a cross-country run, Runner’s World reported.

Now, Shamus’s wish is coming true. On Saturday, July 4, the father and son from Galway, New York, will embark on a 65-day, 3,200-mile run across the country to prove children with disabilities don’t need to sit on the sidelines. The two will start their run in Seattle and cross through 15 states covering up to 65 miles a day before finishing in New York City in early September, according to an itinerary Evans posted on Facebook. They’re fundraising for Ainsley’s Angels of America, a group that works to include children with special needs in endurance events. The Evans’ team has already raised more than $73,000 to benefit the organization.

They also plan to donate running chariots to approximately 20 families with children with disabilities along the way, WNYT reported.

Really, the mission is all about promoting inclusion,” Evans told CBS in the video below. “A lot of times, kids with physical limitations or special needs of any kind get left out.”

Hear more about the Evans’ story in the video below.

To keep up with Shamus and Shaun Evans throughout their journey, check out their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. To support their team and Ainsley’s Angels of America fundraiser, head here.

Feature image from the Ainsley’s Angels Power to Push Facebook page.

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