4-Year-Old Living With Multiple Illnesses Has Ecstatic Reaction to 'Get Well' Cards

Sometimes it’s the simplest things in life that mean the most, and for 4-year-old Caden Allen, that simple thing is a card from a stranger.

Caden, from Sutherland, Virginia, has many medical complications including severe acid reflux, asthma, allergies, an under-active bowel and bladder and a recently diagnosed brain tumor, KSL.com reported. Although benign, the tumor can still cause problems in the future as it grows and puts pressure on nerves, potentially affecting Caden’s ability to walk and talk.

In order to keep Caden motivated through his many doctor’s appointments and treatments, Caden’s mother, Alicia Allen, asked for people from all over the world to send him “get well” cards. People complied, and now checking the mail is Caden’s favorite part of the day.

I got my own box!” Caden exclaimed excitedly after getting the mail.

Check out Caden’s excited reaction to receiving his cards in the video below:

To send Caden a card, use the address below. 

“Cards for Caden”
4403 Chesdin Boulevard
Sutherland, VA 23885

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