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Watch Kenny Chesney’s Response to a Request From a Fan With Down Syndrome

Country music superstar Kenny Chesney performed in front of a record-breaking crowd of more than 58,000 fans in East Rutherford, New Jersey on August 15, according to the country music site The Boot. But the show was especially memorable for one fan in particular.

During the show Chesney leaned down mid-song to high-five a woman with Down syndrome. The girl then asked if she could come on stage and say something into the microphone, so Chesney pulled her up onstage with him.

Kenny Chesney is my one true love,” the woman tells the audience in the video below. “I want to kiss him right now on the lips.”

Then, Chesney leaned in and gave the fan the moment of her dreams — a kiss on the lips.

Watch the magical moment in the video below.

As the crowd went wild in response to the kiss, the woman explained to the audience that Chesney’s music had gotten her through tough times as a teenager and that it was her grandfather’s dream to see her perform onstage with the musician. Chesney embraced the woman and held her next to him as he launched into a performance of the song, “Wild Child.”

That young woman had so much heart, so much spirit,” Chesney said following the encounter, according to The Boot. “She was just fearless and true and wanted to tell people what was on her mind. Talk about inspiring all of us about how to live our lives.”

Watch Chesney and his surprise guest perform “Wild Child” in the video below.