Taylor Swift Personally Invited This 7-Year-Old Pianist With Autism to Her Show

Jacob Velazquez is one of Taylor Swift’s biggest fans. The 7-year-old listens to her albums every day and loves watching her videos on YouTube, his mom, Tina Velazquez, wrote on Autism Speaks.

Jacob, who was diagnosed with autism at age 4, is also a jaw-droppingly good pianist. In the hopes of getting Swift’s attention, he created a medley of Swift’s songs, which he plays by heart in the incredible video below:

When Autism Speaks tweeted the video on August 19, something wonderful happened. Swift saw the video and invited Jacob to one of her upcoming shows:

The invitation comes just in time for Jacob’s birthday, which is on September 29.  Way to go, Jacob!

Lead photo from Jacob Velazquez’s Facebook page.

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