This Man With Down Syndrome Is Now a Sworn-In Reserve Officer

There’s a new officer patrolling the streets of Minneapolis.

In June 2015, Sam Hesla was sworn in as a reserve officer, KSTP News reported. Hesla, 24, is one of the first reserve officers with Down syndrome to serve in the country, according to the outlet.

Before earning his title, Hesla completed 12 weeks of training in which he mastered skills like radio communication, CPR and traffic directing. Though Minneapolis reserve officers don’t carry weapons, their duties include crime prevention, monitoring events and backing up the Minneapolis police department when necessary, according to the Minneapolis government website.

Now that he’s achieved his lifelong goal of becoming an officer, Hesla is thrilled to serve in his community.

“I like helping people. I want to take care of people,” Hesla told KSTP News in the video below. “I want to risk my life to take care of others. I care more about other people than I care about myself.”

Hear more of Hesla’s story in the video below.

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