To the People Who Support Us on Our Journey as a Heart Family

Dear friends and family,

From the day we found out about our daughter’s heart condition, you have been there supporting us, encouraging us, praying for us. You have cried with us, held your breath in hope with us and celebrated each successful step of the journey with us.

We were devastated and scared at the start, not knowing how we would find the strength to face the journey ahead. You made it clear that no matter how dark and difficult the journey might be, we would not have to face it alone. So many emails and messages of support received, messages that were read over and over again. You may not have known what words to say, but you will never know how much strength we drew from the few you did. The words may have been clumsy, or broken, but there was so much love and encouragement in them.

We may not have spoken to or seen each other for several years but when we needed you, you were there. Sharing words of sympathy and comfort, stories of hope and prayers for a miracle. You shared our story with your friends, with your churches. There were people all over the world praying for us, praying for a miracle to happen. To know that we were loved and prayed for by people who have never met us gave us strength and hope.

Thank you all for all those small acts of kindness along the journey. The friends living near the hospital who offered their spare room so that we had a place to stay. The friends who let us use their house while they were away at Christmas so that we could leave the hospital for a short time and enjoy a Christmas dinner provided by family in a more home-like environment. The friend who offered some expressed breast milk when I was struggling to produce enough for my daughter’s needs. The many food parcels that meant we took time to eat something other than a sandwich from the hospital canteen. The cards we received, the little moments captured on camera, the baby clothes lovingly given and so many other thoughtful little gestures that helped tell us how much you cared. 

There are many things that I have been thankful for since the start of our journey as a heart family, and the love of our friends and family is one of the biggest things. From the very start, you have been there supporting us, encouraging us, praying for us. You have cried with us, held your breath in hope with us and celebrated each successful step of the journey with us. Thank you all for helping to make our journey as a heart family a little easier. We are truly blessed to have you as our friends.

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