Watch Kelly Clarkson’s Response to a Request From a Fan With Down Syndrome

Kelly Clarkson keeps giving the world more reasons to love her.

After her concert on August 25 in Phoenix, Arizona, Clarkson had a meet-and-greet with Angelica Elias, a 19-year-old fan with Down syndrome, E! Online reported. After Elias said hello and gave the singer a hug, she asked Clarkson if the two could sing “Silent Night” together, Elias’s favorite song. Clarkson happily obliged.

On August 26, Carolina Elias Joos, Elias’s sister who attended the concert with her, posted a video of the touching duet on Facebook:

Angelica asked Kelly Clarkson if they could sing ‘Silent Night’ together. If you know Angelica, you know it’s her favorite song. Watch their duet here… #KellyClarkson

Posted by Carolina Elias Joos on Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I’m totally going to cry,” Clarkson says mid-song in the video above.

Joos said Elias was ecstatic after the encounter.

“After the duet, Angelica couldn’t believe it happened,” Joos told The Mighty. “She’d told me before that she wanted to ask Kelly to sing ‘Silent Night,’ and I told her she probably wouldn’t do it because it’s August. They both sure proved me wrong!”

Kelly Clarkson
Photo courtesy of Carolina Elias Joos

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