How This 2-Year-Old Model Is Helping to Educate People About Down Syndrome

Connie-Rose Seabourne is a star on the rise.

The 2-year-old from Morley, England, has Down syndrome and is a child model. It all started when Connie-Rose’s mother, Julie Britton, sent an email to some agencies after people repeatedly told her that her daughter should model, according to the video below. Several agencies responded that they were interested, and now Connie-Rose is being put forward for commercial advertisements and television spots.

Connie is an absolutely delightful, lovely little girl,” Britton says in the video below. “She’s full of character, full of personality, a little bit naughty, and she’s absolutely beautiful.”

Connie Rose Seabourne, aged 2 in dress smiling
Ross Parry


The agencies didn’t care one bit about Connie-Rose having Down syndrome, and she’s already received two contracts, The Daily Mail reported. Britton says she can’t currently disclose who the contracts are with or what they entail.

When her daughter is not in front of the camera, Britton likes to take Connie-Rose to visit parents in the hospital whose children have just been diagnosed with Down syndrome. Britton hopes to spread awareness and educate people.

Connie Rose Seabourne, aged 2 in dress smiling
Ross Parry

Some parents struggle with the idea of Down syndrome initially and think that life isn’t going to be the same again. I try to explain just how much support there is out there for them,” Britton told The Daily Mail. “Connie-Rose’s disability does not define who she is… She has Down syndrome, it’s not that she is Down syndrome. That’s the major problem we face but that’s about education.”

Check out the video below for more from Connie-Rose:

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