‘Father of Suicide Prevention’ Dies on World Suicide Prevention Day

Psychologist Norman Farberow, known as one of the founding fathers of modern suicidology and suicide prevention, died on Thursday, Sept. 10 at the age of 97, The Huffington Post reported.

His death coincided with World Suicide Prevention Day.

At a time when suicide was shamed or ignored by society and even psychologists, Farberow called it, “a long-neglected, taboo-encrusted social and personal phenomenon,” according the The Los Angeles Times.

Farberow also co-founded the groundbreaking Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services’ Los Angeles Suicide Prevention Center, and helped investigators determine Marylyn Monroe’s cause of death.

Dr. Farberow changed people’s attitudes toward suicide. He understood that people considering suicide were in terrible pain and how much compassionate listening can help people in distress,” Dr. Kita Curry, President/CEO of Didi Hirsch, said in a statement.

Read the full obituary from The LA Times here.


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