"If I Could Tell the World One Message About Autism It'd Be..."

We asked our Mighty community a big question, “If you could reach a million people with one message about autism, what would you say?

These are their incredible responses:

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Macaroni and Cheese

To the Person Who Doesn't Get Why My Son Won't Eat the Food You Made

To the Person Who Doesn’t Take My Son’s Sensory Issues Seriously, Yeah, he’s a picky eater. Yeah, his diet isn’t great. Yeah, he knows Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal is not a food group. And yeah, even though he’s hungry, he’s still not going to eat your (insert anything here that is not Cinnamon Toast Crunch [...]
two women shaking hands in an office

To the Employer Hesitant to Hire Someone Because of Autism

Dear Employer, I understand you’re hesitant to hire someone because of an autism diagnosis. I think as much as an autistic employee deserves the chance to be hired, you also deserve a chance to understand autism and what makes an autistic employee a great addition to your workforce. When a potential employee discloses she has [...]

To the Presidential Candidates Bringing Up Autism in the Debates

Dear So and So who wants my vote, Hello! I see you’re trying to court a rapidly growing community. Smart move seeing how large the autism population and those who love and support them has grown. No debating with you on that one. This is more than just a special interest group. You clearly see we want [...]

The Unique Way a Tour Guide Connected With My Son With Autism

Our family traveled to Great Britain this summer. It was a once-in-a-lifetime trip and an amazing opportunity to expose our son on the autism spectrum to new experiences and broaden his skills. We met many people on our trip who were universally kind and professional. Some were the staff at the places we stayed. Some [...]