Reality Show Turns Drawings by Artists With Down Syndrome Into Tattoos

On the reality TV show “Ink Masters,” tattoo artists compete in various challenges to show off their skills. Last week, the show asked the artists to display a different skill — working with clients with special needs.

The judges brought out seven people with Down syndrome and their loved ones and told the remaining contestants that this week’s challenge would be working with these people to help them draw a design that their loved ones would then get tattooed.

The tattoo artists listened to their clients and offered guidance, but the artwork was done by the artists with Down syndrome. In the end their loved ones were thrilled with the original artwork they now had as a reminder of their siblings and children with Down syndrome.

See some of the tattoos below: 

colorful tattoo on arm

colorful jack in the box tattoo on back shoulder

There’s times when you question if you’re really doing something somebody wants to have for the rest of their life,” Craig, a contestant on the show, said during the episode. “But this is one of those moments where you don’t even have to ask any questions. This is why I’m a tattoo artist — I just want to do something really special.”

Watch the reveal of the tattoos in the video below: 

Visit the Spike website for clips from the episode.

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