Jamie Brewer, Actress With Down Syndrome, Shares Advice for Madeline Stuart

Jamie Brewer is an actress with Down syndrome best known for her roles on the television show “American Horror Story” and for her historic walk down a runway in February 2015, where she became the first person with Down syndrome to walk in New York Fashion Week.

On the Emmys red carpet on Sunday, September 20, Brewer talked with Popsugar about her work on “American Horror Story” and how fear can be a useful tool. She also had a special message for Madeline Stuart, the model with Down syndrome who has followed in Brewer’s footsteps to recently rock the runway at New York Fashion Week.

Jamie Brewer: Marc Hall / Carrie Hammer Fashion Show, Madeline Stuart: Courtesy Rosanne Stuart

Continue to try and to embrace fear, and to really show who you are through that,” Brewer says in the video below, “your true, true voice will come out.”

Brewer and Stuart have met once before, Madeline’s mother, Rosanne Stuart, told Cosmopolitan. They met in Los Angeles after following each other on social media for several months.

Watch the whole interview with Brewer in the video below:

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