This Top Autism Blogger Just Revealed His True Identity

Since April 2011, the “Autism Daddy” blog has anonymously shared photos and stories on Facebook and on the Autism Daddy website. Now, after more than four years, “Autism Daddy” has decided to reveal his identity.

In a post published on his page on Sunday, September 27, he revealed himself as a 45-year-old man named Frank who has been working at Sesame Street since 1994. He even included photos of his face.

My name is Frank. I work at Sesame Street. I am "Autism Daddy". Find out more details about why I've given up my...

Posted by Autism Daddy on Sunday, September 27, 2015


Frank’s post goes on to detail his more that 21 years with the popular children’s television program and how his son, born in 2003 and diagnosed with autism in 2005 (and later epilepsy as well), changed the trajectory of his career.

He also goes on to say that he’s decided to reveal his identity now, although his wife and son will continue to be referred to by the nicknames “Wifey” and “The King,” because his two worlds, autism advocacy and his career, have collided. For the last year Frank has been working on an autism outreach initiative with Sesame Street.

In the past Sesame Street has produced outreach initiatives including helping kids with incarcerated parents and helping military families. Now, the company will be launching its autism outreach program in October to help families with autism as well as the general public.

Frank was heavily involved in the production of the video content for the autism initiative, which will be released next month.

So basically I’m outing myself for two reasons,” Frank wrote on his blog. “Because I’m extremely proud of the work I’ve helped accomplish and I want to share it with [you all], and because… I want as many people to see these videos and use these resources as possible.”

Read the full blog post here or check out Autism Daddy’s blogs on The Mighty

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