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Woman With Down Syndrome and Autism Turns Her ‘Limitation’ Into Own Business

Despite never learning to read or write, Emma Lynam has her own business.

The 21-year-old from Queensland, Australia, has Down syndrome, autism and a cleft palate, according to the video below. Her mother, Jo Lynam, often worried about her daughter’s future and lamented the fact that she never learned to read or write, but what appeared to be her daughter’s limitation turned out to be a strength. Emma Lynam now has her own business shredding papers — her inability to read makes her an ideal person to handle confidential documents from companies and credit unions.

Her mother went from worrying about her daughter’s future to watching her “Master Shredder” blossom and succeed on her own.

I just cannot speak enough as a mom about how gratifying it is to see my daughter want to get up and go to work and feel fulfilled,” Jo Lynam says in the video below. “She’s doing something. She’s helping and making a difference in her own life, making her way like an other 21-year-old.”

Get the full story from the video below: 


h/t Reddit Uplifting News