A Letter to Demi Lovato, Who Reminded Me That ‘I’m Enough’

Dear Demi Lovato,

A few months ago I was listening to Z100 and they mentioned one of your recent performances where you kept saying the words “I am enough” right before you went onstage. You may not have expected anyone to overhear you, but I’m glad many of us did.

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You see, when I was 5, a year after I was diagnosed with autism, my parents thought I may have an emotional disorder. I was lashing out because of my communication delays. My parents then focused on positive reinforcement while I worked through my therapies.

For me, my positive reinforcements, along with my parents’ unconditional love, is what gave me the confidence to succeed whether it be in school, therapy, you name it.

When you said those words — “I am enough” — it reminded me so much of my personal journey. When I was bullied as a child and having difficulties with my speech, I often though I wasn’t enough. As I grew up though I realized the challenges you face don’t make you any less, they just help shape you.

I was always enough, and that was an overpowering realization.

That’s what I now try to tell the people I mentor all the time. We all have those things in our lives that we excel at, and if we utilize them we can do remarkable things. We also — even if we sometimes don’t want to admit it — have those moments where we think we can’t do something.

So it was a refreshing reminder when I turned on the radio that day and heard your story. I went on to read more about your journey and learned how you’ve become a champion for those with bipolar disorder and mental illness. Your willingness to be a spokesperson for the means the world — both for people with and without a diagnosis.

It gives people like me a great deal of hope. We all need someone out there to remind us from time to time that we are capable. Thanks for being one of our reminders.

Your friend, Kerry

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