Fridays Waiter Gives Boy Unique Discount After Hospital Visit

Kindness doesn’t have to be complicated. A TGI Fridays waiter proved that.

On Tuesday, Oct. 6, Jen Goodhand-Wyatt took her son Oscar to Fridays in Warwickshire, England, on the way home from a hospital visit. According to her Facebook post, Wyatt went inside the restaurant first to make sure no Halloween decorations were up. Oscar has autism, and frightening decorations particularly bother him. After explaining the situation, the host let Oscar pick their table — he chose a “Star Wars”-themed one. Wyatt mentioned her son was a “‘Star Wars’ loving superhero.”

When the waitress came over, she turned to Oscar and said, “I understand you’re a superhero. Here’s your menu.” The comment bummed Oscar out though, because his cardiologist had just told him he couldn’t do karate anymore because of his heart condition. He therefore didn’t feel much like a superhero.

A new waiter later came by to check on the table, along with two balloon models he’d made for Oscar. He then asked Wyatt if he could treat Oscar to dessert. When she asked why he replied, “Because he’s a superhero.”

When Wyatt received the bill, she noted the pudding cost had been instead marked as the “Superhero” discount. She posted a picture of it to Facebook:


Talk about service.

h/t redbook

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