Man With Autism Makes Awesome Animation for Sesame Street

For one autism mom, Sesame Street’s new autism content really hit home.

Mama Fry, a popular blogger who writes for The Mighty and also on her own site called Autism With a Side of Fries, joined her voice to the many who have been talking about Sesame Street’s new autism initiative. Mama Fry posted to her Facebook that the show’s animated short, called “Benny’s Story” was the coolest kid appropriate way to explain autism.

In the animation, which was created and voiced by a man with autism named Shane MacKaskle, a boy named Benny explains in his own words what having autism is like.



Many times I will hear from folks, “How do you explain autism to a child?” Well here is the probably the coolest kid…

Posted by Autism with a side of fries on Monday, October 26, 2015


Read the full text of Mama Fry’s Post below:

Many times I will hear from folks, “How do you explain autism to a child?” Well here is the probably the coolest kid appropriate clip that does just that called “Benny’s Story” from the Sesame Street‪#‎SeeAmazing‬ autism initiative.
It is an animation created & voiced by Shane Mckaskle. Shane, who has autism, created the video through Exceptional Minds, a nonprofit vocational center and animation studio for young adults with autism to develop their artistic interests. And his classmates all pitched in to help bring his experience to life! Please watch, like, and share!

Watch Benny’s Story below: 

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