This Could Change the Way You Find Handicap Parking Spots

Soon, you’ll be able to find a disabled parking spot anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds.

While parking spots for people with disabilities exist all over the place, until now, no specific, universal database allowed people to quickly and easily find the closest disabled spot. A company called iParkomat has developed one that will allow users to both register and report disabled parking locations nearby using a smartphone or computer.

All users have to do is enter an address on the website to immediately get a list of the disabled parking spots nearest to them. It will also tell the user whether the parking space is free or requires a fee, and if it’s available.

See a video on how to get started on iParkomat below:

IParkomat was originally designed as a place for people to find or rent out their parking spaces in crowded cities with limited access to affordable parking. The website still does that, but its latest update includes the secondary feature — finding disability-accessible parking.

IParkomat is free, but to expand and improve the database, the company needs your help. It’s currently encouraging users to register disabled parking spots on the site.

See how to register parking spots on iParkomat:

For Hirsh Sisodia, Head of U.S. Business Development for iParkomat, the disability initiative is a cause close to his heart. Sisodia, based in Philadelphia, has a family member who, after an accident, is permanently disabled.

“I know [transportation] is a struggle that he has had to go through, and his family has had to go through, and that millions of people not only in America but all over the world have had to go through,”Sisodia told The Mighty.

To begin registering parking spots or to search for ones near you, visit the iParkomat website.

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