Wife Perfectly Responds to Nasty Note About Her Husband’s Disability

When Dusty and Kionna Stribel went out to eat with their 8-year-old daughter Jaydin on Saturday Oct. 10, they of course never expected someone to leave an obscene note on their car. But after what was supposed to be an enjoyable family lunch, the Stribels came out to a nasty message scrawled onto a small piece of yellow paper.

“DISABLED? NO… JUST YOUR BIG FAT ASSES,” the note on their windshield read. Dusty Stribel has muscular dystrophy and uses a motorized wheelchair, and the family had parked in a handicapped spot, reports Wave 3 News.

Instead of keeping the negative moment to themselves, Kionna Stribel posted it to Facebook with a powerful message of her own:

“They have no idea that [Dusty] already lives in constant pain, and that their hurtful words would only add to that,” Kionna Stribel wrote. “They didn’t know that the reason that he has a belly is because there are no stomach muscles left to hold everything in tight.”

PLEASE SHARE!!!To the person/persons that left this note on my car at the Olive Garden on Memorial in OKC today, I’d…

Posted by Kionna Montazeri-Stribel on Saturday, October 10, 2015


Stribel added that the family wasn’t sure how to explain this to Jaydin, who read the note before they could cover it up. So they decided to turn the whole experience into a lesson about understanding and judgement.

“I’d just like to say Thank You,” Stribel’s post reads. “Your ignorance provided a wonderful opportunity for me and my husband, who have struggled and survived and come out stronger in the last couple of years, to not only teach our daughter a valuable lesson, but provided another opportunity for us to overcome and to be thankful for the blessings that continue to come our way!”

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