New Line of Plush Toys Features Character With Autism

Florida-based product development company SipNDip has released an original line of plush toys made up of eight characters with back stories designed to teach kids about social acceptance. Each toy has a name and a personal story that represents people from all different walks of life.

One of them is named Ryan and has autism.

Courtesy of SipNDip

The Ryan toy is a cool kid who plays basketball, runs track and even plays guitar, according to the SipNDip Kickstarter page. Ryan, or “RyRy” as he’s also called, is based on one of the toy creators’ nephew, who also has autism and sometimes has difficulty connecting with kids his own age.

The Ryan plush toy, courtesy of SipNDip

“A character like Ryan helps educate kids in a inspirational way,” says a spokesman for SipNDip in the video below. “It prepares them to be compassionate and worldly citizens in the future”

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 10.50.05 PM
Courtesy of SipNDip

A percentage of the sales from the Ryan plush toy will be donated to help kids with autism, SipNDip told The Mighty in an email. The company has partnered with Bike to the Beach, an organization that raises money for autism with charity bike rides.

For more information about SipNDip and the Ryan plushie toy, check out the video below:

SipNDip is currently raising money via kickstarter, visit the page for more information on how to purchase a plush toy.

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