Photographer Recreates Famous Paintings With Children With Down Syndrome

Albanian photographer Soela Zani recently teamed up with Down Syndrome Albania and director Emanuela Zaimi to create a stunning portrait series of local children inspired by a number of famous paintings.

Zani specializes in family photography, but she’s always been drawn to classic works, so this photo series was the perfect combination for her. Putting the project together was not easy, but Zani is ecstatic with the attention it’s received and the impact it’s had on the community.

“The message I want to share through this project is that every human is a piece of art, so we have to learn to see them in a beautiful way,” Zani told The Mighty in an email. “These children are beautiful, and they are able to do everything if we give them the chance.”

Eta as “Sister Tone” by Kol Idromeno (Image courtesy of Soela Zani)
Flavio as “The Fifer” by Edouart Manet (Image courtesy of Soela Zani)
Irma as “The Dancer” by Pierre Auguste Renoir (Image courtesy of Soela Zani)
Arbi as “Paulo as Harlequin” by Pablo Picasso (Image courtesy of Soela Zani)
Iris as “Gabrielle Arnault as a Child” by Louis-Léopold Boilly (Image courtesy of Soela Zani)
Marvin as “Master Bunbury” by Joshua Reynolds (Image courtesy of Soela Zani)
Irma as “Julie Manet” by Pierre Auguste Renoir (Image courtesy of Soela Zani)
Emiljano as “Boy and Rabbit” by Henry Raeburn (Image courtesy of Soela Zani)
Vanesa as “Harriet Ann Seale” by John Hoppner (Image courtesy of Soela Zani)
Krenardi as “The son of Man” by Rene Magrite (Image courtesy of Soela Zani)
Belkisa as “Clara Serena Rubens” by Peter Paul Rubens (Image courtesy of Soela Zani)
Gazi as “Mr Loulou” by Paul Gauguin (Image courtesy of Soela Zani)
Megi as “Miss Bowles” by Joshua Reynolds (Image courtesy of Soela Zani)
Eljana as “Child with dove” by Pablo Picasso (Image courtesy of Soela Zani)
Lela as “The Infant Samuel” by Joshua Reynolds (Image courtesy of Soela Zani)
Belkisa as “Las Meninas” by Diego Velasquez (Image courtesy of Soela Zani)
Irma as “Prima Ballerina” by Edgar Degas (Image courtesy of Soela Zani)
Vanesa as “Master John Heathcote” by Thomas Gainsborough (Image courtesy of Soela Zani)

For more photos, visit Soela Zani’s website and Facebook page.

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