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A Mother’s Wish for Her Child With Down Syndrome

“My wish for you is that this life becomes all that you want it to.”*

My wish for your future is that you are always cocooned in the love and support you currently have.

As you journey through life, I hope acceptance blossoms into friendship, and that inclusion helps you open the hearts of others.

I hope as you continue to grow, you never lose the joy and pride you have within yourself.

May you experience the joy of of meeting your teachers on the first day of school, while I cry down the hall after placing your little hand in theirs. And may your joy continue through the day, so my worries were for naught. I hope you sit with friends at lunch and giggle while you swing at recess.

My wish as you continue to grow is that you go to your first school dance and have fun with your friends. I hope someone other than your family tells you how beautiful you look in your dress.

I hope you graduate from high school alongside your peers, excited, proud and unsure of the future all at once.

I hope you are able to find work that you love and excel at, and that you follow your heart. I hope one day you fall in love, because everyone deserves to experience the butterflies of new love. And may that man one day ask your daddy for your hand.

I hope doors are never closed for you simply because you have Down syndrome.

“May all your dreams stay big, my wish for you.”*

*Lyrics by Rascal Flatts, “My Wish”

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