15 Autism Myths People Affected by It Want to See Busted

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When I Went From Devastated to Ecstatic About My Son Riding the ‘Short Bus’

I will be the first to admit there was a time in my life when the thought of my child riding the “short bus” felt like a devastating blow. It wasn’t so much the stigma attached to it as it was the far-reaching implications of such a need and the realization that things would be [...]
A pair of sneakers

Mom Shocked When Son With Autism Comes Home With New Shoe Accessory

Leslie Carpenter’s son Asher attends kindergarten at Glenwood Heights Primary School in Vancouver, Washington, and one day she noticed something different when he came home. “I looked down at his shoes and thought, ‘What are those? Where are his laces?’” Carpenter told local television news station KGW. “[I] realized they are special laces.” Asher is currently [...]

10 More Autism Parenting Rules I Live By Every Day

There are no two identical autistic individuals, even among identical twins (I can vouch for this personally). But there are similarities between parenting experiences. Here are 10 more autism “rules” with visual representations from some of my favorite TV shows and movies. Perhaps you can relate to some of these (see the first 10 “rules” here): [...]

Girl With Autism Thinks Up Invention to Fix Her Heartbreaking Problem

A little girl with autism has come up with a solution to the heartbreaking problem of having a hard time making friends. Katherine Vasquez, 8, lives in Mission Hills, California. Like a lot of children with autism, she sometimes finds it hard to make friends. That’s why when she had a school assignment called “My [...]