Family of Special Needs Child Says They Were Kicked Out of Movie Theater

One family is standing up for acceptance and understanding of special needs in public spaces.

The McGee family, from Mooresville, North Carolina, have twin girls, Delaney and Adison, who are 4 and a half years old. Adison has a rare genetic disorder called CASK deletion which means she has a cognitive disability.

The family decided to go on an outing recently to see ‘The Good Dinosaur” at the AmStar Cinema 14 in Mooresville. However, they only and got about a third of the way through the film before they were asked to leave the theater, Fox 46 reported. Someone had complained to the cinema manager about Adison talking excitedly and making noise during the movie.

“I talked to the manager on the way out and told them it’s not fair to our child and not fair to us as parents,” Colin McGee, Adison’s father, told Fox 46. “We’re looking for a bit of normality that everyone else can have. It’s not right.”

Southern Theaters, the company that owns AmStar Cinema 14, called the family to apologize and offered a private showing, But the McGees say they want to use this as an opportunity to advocate for more understanding and acceptance in public spaces within the community, so they’re speaking out about the experience.

“This is less about us and more about what happens to the next family who has a similar situation,” McGee told the outlet.

Get more information from the video below: 



The Mighty reached out to the theater for comment but has yet to hear back. 

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