Just What the Doctor Ordered: ‘Sh*t Therapists Say’

So what’s so funny about therapy?

Rachel Griffin has figured it out.

“I think it’s fun to joke about anything that’s a little uncomfortable,” she told The Mighty. “It can be healing. And I think going to therapy can be funny.”

Griffin, a graduate student at New York University who created the “Sh*t People Say to People With Mental Illness” video, now has a part two: “Sh*t Therapist Say.” And while hilarious, Griffin also hopes to spread an important message about a sometimes taboo topic.

“I want to convey that when you’re in therapy, you’re the person who’s getting a service. If your therapist isn’t the right fit, it’s OK,” she said. “There are so many fabulous therapists who are brilliant and really care.”

Here are some of our favorite lines:

1. “Those thoughts are completely normal…ish.” 

2. “Sorry, I zoned out and missed the last half hour…what was that about your childhood?”

3. “So your mind is the sky, and your thoughts are the clouds. I’m not sure exactly what that means, but I know it’s true.”

4. “I don’t think we’re a match. It’s not you — it’s your disorders.” 

5. “No, I don’t take any insurance. My passion’s helping only rich people.”

6. “I brought a psych student. Just pretend she’s not here judging you.” 

7. “I have something open August 31, 2020.” 

8. “That must have been affirming!”

9. “Freud would say…” 

10. “You are doing so much better with the abandonment issues. By the way, this is our last session.” 

To see more from Griffin, check out her YouTube channel and follow her blog.

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