Mall Santa Has Magical Surprise for Girl With Brittle Bone Condition

Santa really doesn’t need good press, but the story below is too sweet not to share.

When 2-year-old Paige went to visit Santa at The Eastland Mall in Evansville, Indiana, he instantly recognized her from the year before. When he realized this time around that Paige was wearing a hip spica cast, he asked what had happened. Paige’s mom, Stacy Mason, explained that both she and Paige have type V osteogenesis imperfecta, a genetic bone disorder characterized by fragile bones. It’s also known as brittle bone disease. This was Paige’s 1oth fracture. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 3.35.35 PM Upon hearing this, Santa reached into his pocket and pulled out a bell. He told Paige it’d fallen off his reindeer Prancer’s harness. Prancer told him to give it to a special child instead of sewing it back on.

“He put it on her wrist and told her if she feels sad, scared or upset about going to the doctor or any time to just give the bell a jingle and it would be a reminder that Santa loves her and so do Mommy and Daddy,” Stacy Mason wrote on Facebook.

“My husband and I know our daughter is special,” Mason told The Mighty in an email. “It’s such a wonderful feeling when someone else recognizes it too.”


Recognize that Santa? He’s the same one who made headlines for taking a quick nap with a tired baby a few weeks ago.

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