Mom Finds Out Why Son With Autism Wasn’t Afraid of This One Mall Santa

Santa’s known for being an understanding guy, but we still appreciate when he shows real empathy to the kids who adore him.

Four-year-old Nash Nickerson has been mostly nonverbal until this past August when he began saying a few words. Now, when he sees a Santa, he’ll say, “Santa! Ho, ho, ho!” but his mom, Kristy Nickerson, wasn’t sure if he fully understood what St. Nick was all about. And any Santa in person always scared Nash — until he met the one below.


Last Wednesday when Nash, who has autism, met a Santa at the Tamarack Centre in Cranbrook, British Columbia, he jumped right on his lap. Nickerson didn’t know what made this Santa different but was just moved to see how the two interacted.

“[Nash] couldn’t answer any of Santa’s questions of what he wants for Christmas,” Kristy Nickerson told The Mighty. “But Santa just kept talking to him in a very hushed tone and was so calm and kind.”

As they left, Santa whispered to Nickerson, “Does he have autism?” When she replied yes, he smiled and said, “So does my grandson.”

“In that moment, I knew why my son was so friendly and willing to just sit with this stranger,” Nickerson said. “I also felt so much relief knowing we weren’t being judged and no one was thinking, ‘What’s wrong with that boy?’ He was simply accepted and seen for who he is… a wonderful little boy.”

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