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Pizza Delivered to Mental Health Hospital Comes With Unwelcome Note

A pizza delivered to a hospital that treats people with mental illnesses came with an unpleasant addition — on the receipt, someone had written the words “Loony Bin.”

A staff member at one of Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust‘s mental health hospitals in England, ordered the pie, according to The Telegraph. The organization posted the receipt on Twitter and Facebook, adding there’s “still a long way to go to end mental health stigma.”

“Despite great efforts over recent years, mental health is still surrounded by prejudice, ignorance and fear,” Will Green, head of communications at Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, told The Telegraph.

According to Green, the organization has written to the restaurant and is waiting to hear a response before revealing the business’ name.

In the meantime, it’s taken the business off its list of “approved supplies.”