12 Things Parents of a Child With Food Aversions Know to Be True

Food aversions that go beyond being “picky” are real. Texture, smell, color and appearance all can impact someone’s ability to eat what is in front of them. It can be challenging as a parent to manage these aversions and still make everyone happy. But happiness is just a state of mind, right?

Here are 12 things I believe parents (or some parents) of kids with food aversions know to be true.

1. We are sick of chicken nuggets.

2. This is what our menu looks like.

Meme source: Autism Odysseys on Facebook

3. We get really excited when our child tries a new food.

4. We get even more excited when it’s healthy.  

5. We brag about our successes.  

6. We know their Christmas dinner will be chicken nuggets.

7. We will look this when the broccoli comment is voiced by the relative who thinks he’ll eat when he’s hungry.

Photo source: Psych/USA. Meme source: Autism Odysseys on Facebook

8. We know he won’t just “eat when he’s hungry,” because we have tried it and he didn’t eat.

9. There may be times when a meltdown is imminent and your child wants ice cream. You’re going to get them ice cream.

Photo source: Marvel/Deadpool. Meme source: Autism Odysseys on Facebook

10. Your child loves fast food places but doesn’t love eating it there, so you use the drive-thru. The staff might even know you.

11. By the time you get home and get your kids set up, your food is guaranteed to be cold.

12. Your coffee is guaranteed to be cold, too.   

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