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'Born This Way' Renewed for Second Season

“Born This Way,” a new docu-series that puts the spotlight on people with Down syndrome, will be getting a second season.

A&E Networks announced Wednesday it is renewing the critically acclaimed show, which premiered on Dec. 8. The six, hour-long episodes follow seven people from Southern California as they pursue career goals and romantic relationships, form friendships, overcome obstacles and make their way in the world. The show also allows the families of the individuals a voice as they weigh in on the joys and challenges their family members with Down syndrome face.

Since the premiere, A&E says “Born This Way” has seen an 83 percent growth in viewership.

“We have been overwhelmed and moved by the feedback we’ve received for ‘Born This Way’ from viewers, as well as people with disabilities and their family members,” Elaine Frontain Bryant, Executive Vice President & Head of Programming at A&E Network, said in a press release. “It’s rare to be able to present a show that changes the way we see the world; we believe ‘Born This Way’ is one of those shows.”

Elena and Megan star in the new A&E Docu-Series “Born This Way.” Photo by Adam Taylor, courtesy of A&E.
Elena and Megan star in the new A&E Docu-Series “Born This Way.” Photo by Adam Taylor, courtesy of A&E.

“Over the course of my career, when I’ve been asked what show I was proudest of it was always ‘The Real World.’  Now there’s a contender to that title – it’s ‘Born This Way,’” Jonathan Murray, Executive Producer, said in the release. “I am thrilled the series will return for a second season, and I want to acknowledge the invaluable support we have received from advocacy groups for the disabled, especially RespectAbility and Best Buddies International who have been tirelessly spreading the word.”

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