Hillary Clinton Reveals Details of New Autism Initiative

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton unveiled her new wide-ranging autism initiative on Tuesday, January 5, on the campaign trail in Iowa, the Associated Press reported.

Her plan focuses on research, treatment, insurance coverage, education and employment for those affected by autism.

Some of the components include conducting a nationwide early screening outreach campaign, pushing states to require health insurance coverage for autism services (in private insurance plans as well as marketplace plans offered in the state), launching an initiative to increase employment opportunities and conducting more research into identifying and understanding autism, as well as how to better support adults on the spectrum, according to her website.

“Too many American families are staying up at night worrying about their family members, especially children, who are living with autism. There is more we can do,” Clinton said in a statement, Politico reported.

This newest initiative from the Clinton campaign comes on the heels of a December Alzheimer’s plan in which she proposed doubling spending on Alzheimer’s research, the New York Times reported. 

For more specifics on Clinton’s autism plan, go here

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