When a T-Shirt Sparked a Conversation About Autism Awareness

A t-shirt is like a walking billboard to me. It spreads a message. When my son Dominic’s teacher was ordering autism awareness shirts a while back, some of my family and friends ordered one.

My daughter, Lauren:

girl wearing autism awareness t-shirt
Cathy’s daughter Lauren

My “auntie” who lives in Virginia:

woman wearing autism awareness t-shirt
Cathy’s “auntie”

And my brother who lives in Maryland:

man wearing autism awareness t-shirt
Cathy’s brother

I especially like the message on the front: “Autism Awareness – Accept – Understand – Love.” My brother told me recently about a gal who saw his shirt when he was out and about one day and started chatting with him. She asked my brother if he had read a particular book on autism. He said, “She was very enthusiastic and happy to see the t-shirt in public. She instantly connected with me even though we’d never met. I was a person in her camp.”

My brother agreed that was true! I love that wearing a t-shirt starts the conversation.

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