My Wish-List for Anyone With a Mental Illness

I wish so many things for those of you who are like me, who live with a mental illness.

I wish for reprieves from your illness when you’re struggling.

I wish good health for you and the ones you love.

I wish for treatments that work, and if those treatments fail, I wish for some other treatment to come along and work quickly.

I wish you limitless hope, that you’ll not only survive, but thrive this year.

I wish for more good days than bad.

I wish for you to be heard, and if you’re not, I wish you the courage to stand up for what you know is true.

I wish you insurance companies that are kind and reassuring.

I wish for you to know your infinite worth.

I wish for understanding doctors, nurses, therapists and other professionals you work with.

I wish for all good things to come to you, not just because, but because you deserve all good things.

I wish for you the courage to talk openly about your illness.

I wish for your recovery — whether it’s beginning or continuing this year.

I wish you the wisdom to choose life, even when you feel so bad that life seems impossible.

I wish that you know only love and support, and not stigma.

And, lastly, I wish that if you didn’t know how much you are loved, that you know now.

You are loved and cared about more than you’ll ever know.

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