Proposed Oklahoma Law Could Really Help Parents of Children With Autism

Oklahoma lawmakers and parents are fighting for insurance coverage of children on the autism spectrum.

Oklahoma is one of only seven states that do not require insurance companies to help with autism treatment and medication costs, Fox 25 reported. In an attempt to change this, Representative Jason Nelson authored House Bill 2962, which will make insurance companies cover treatment and diagnosis costs of children on the spectrum up until they are 18.

Parents have left the state because they say the cost of much needed and evidence-based treatments are too much, especially when many of the states surrounding Oklahoma have laws in place that require insurance companies to pay.

It kind of stinks when you’ve been paying into your insurance and they tell you ‘we’re sorry you’re not covered,'” Phil Inzinga, an Oklahoma resident and autism parent, says in the video below.

This is only the state’s latest attempt, because in 2008 a similar bill, “Nick’s Law,” named after Nick Rhode, was proposed, but the bill was never even heard. The Rhode family ultimately left the state.

Get more on the story from the video below: 


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