Father and Son With Cerebral Palsy Show Skaters How It's Done

Tresa Edmunds, who blogs under the name Reese Dixon, saw a video of a kid in a wheelchair having fun in a skate park and thought it was a great idea. She and her husband packed up and set out right away to find a skate park for their son, Atticus, who has cerebral palsy, to try out.

It was a huge success. Atticus’s dad ran him around the ramps, eliciting smiles and excited cries from Atticus, who his mother says on her blog, is normally pretty quiet and shy.

Close up of boy in wheelchair.

“Atti has cerebral palsy and doesn’t talk much,” Dixon wrote on the YouTube description of the video. “This was his first day at the skate park and it broke him wide open.”

Check out Atticus and his dad showing the skaters how it’s done in the video below:

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