Film About Autistic Woman’s Search for Love Coming to Theaters

When The Hollywood Reporter shared the news that the award-winning, “autism-themed” love story, “Jane Wants a Boyfriend,” was being released this spring, we immediately wanted to know more. As it turns out, the movie is inspired by a true story, and one of our own Mighty contributors, Kerry Magro, worked as a consultant on the project.

Jane Wants a Boyfriend” is focused on the relationship between sisters Bianca and Jane (played by Eliza Dushku and Louisa Krause, respectively), the latter of whom has autism. Jane expresses an interest in wanting a boyfriend, and with a little help from her overprotective sister, she dips into the dating pool.

Jane Wants a Boyfriend film still
Image courtesy of FilmBuff / Copperline Creative

“Jane is inspired by a friend of [screenwriter] Jarret Kerr,” executive produce Anne Dempsey told The Mighty. “She told us how her younger sister, who is on the autism spectrum, had approached her for help setting up an online dating profile.”

During the research phase of the film, producers connected with Kerry Magro, a successful author, public speaker and self-advocate, who was diagnosed with autism when he was 4. Magro, who was nonverbal as a child, jumped at the opportunity to get involved after reading the script. His primary duty was to make Krause’s portrayal of Jane as “realistic… as humanly possible.”

Magro, who saw similarities to his own love life in this story, says Jane’s character is a “spot-on portrayal of what people with autism tend to go through when it comes to dating.”

Jane Wants a Boyfriend film still
Image courtesy of FilmBuff / Copperline Creative

“I hope the audience comes away realizing that people with autism can feel empathy and love,” Magro continued. “We are making the world more inclusive about the needs of others, and that’s a great thing to see.”

Dempsey said she’s thrilled with the reaction the film has received thus far. During a post-screening Q&A at the Napa Film Festival, one mom told Dempsey, “You guys nailed it.”

“Jane Wants a Boyfriend” hits theaters on March 25. Watch the trailer below.

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