Marketing Company Posts Ad Looking to Hire Only Dyslexic People

A marketing company in the U.K. has released a recruitment ad seeking only job applicants who are dyslexic.

The ad, from a creative marketing firm called the Garage, features an image of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and says only dyslexics, like Jobs, should apply.

Advertisement showing Steve Jobs

The Garage was founded by Chris Arnold, a former creative director at the advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi who describes himself as a “dyslexic entrepreneur,” The Guardian reported. Arnold says he doesn’t care if the ad is seen as discriminatory against non-dyslexics.

“If you wanted to assemble the world’s best choir you’d want great singers, not tone-deaf ones,” Arnold told The Guardian. “We are simply looking for the best innovative thinkers, and they are usually dyslexics.”

The ad was released in the days following a woman with dyslexia in England winning a case against her employer, Starbucks, which she says discriminated against her because of her dyslexia.

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