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Why ‘Do You Have Any Siblings?’ Is a Question I Don’t Know How to Answer

I’m frequently asked about my family — about parents, siblings — as most others are during friendly conversation.

“Do you have any siblings?”

Such a simple question to most people. Yet it’s a question I dread as if I’m being asked the most private, intimate detail of my life.

Do I have any siblings? No.

But I did once.

Such a simple question to most. Yet it’s a question I don’t know how to answer.

“Do you have any siblings?” No.

“Oh, so you’re an only child?” No.

Because I had a sibling. Once. At one time. He was my world, really. Still is. He inspired me to live the life I do today.

Yes, he passed away. He had cerebral palsy. I still don’t know how to answer those who ask me if I’m an only child. It’s so much easier to say yes, not to relive my loss. But I cannot negate the existence of the most influential person in my life.

So yes, I do have a sibling, and he’s still present in my life. He has made me who I am, and he’s the inspiration for all I do. And he always will be.

I do have a sibling. His name is Frankie. And he is the greatest person I will ever know.

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