The Moment I Felt I Chose the Right Therapy for My Son With Autism

I never imagined we would find a second home at an applied behavior analysis clinic. From the outside it looks like any other office. But inside it’s filled with so much love and laughter.

There are no superheroes or miracle workers, but inside you will find good people with good intentions.

Some are still in college, and others have a little more experience under their belts. One with the insight and love only a sister could understand. A boss who flies to the other side of the word to help open clinics, while still helping every parent who walks through his doors.

They share in the victories, the tears. They shorten holidays with their own families to be with my child and countless others.

The clinic becomes like a second home. 

A place where a little boy learns to ride a bike with no training wheels.

Or tie his shoes “all by myself, Mommy!”

Support that my son relies on — that I rely on. They help him navigate a world that looks different through his eyes and isn’t always kind to people like him.

There’s so much hope in those few rooms. Landon turns 6 tomorrow! I can’t begin to tell you the gains he’s made! Like every kid, he wanted that special cake.

A “Henry Hugglemonster” cake was nowhere to be found, so in steps Landon’s therapist to ensure his special day is a little more special. She not only found someone to make the cake, but insisted on paying for it!

“It’s my birthday present to him and you. I can’t wait to see his reaction,” she said.

cake decorated to look like henry hugglemonster cartoon
Landon’s Henry Hugglemonster cake.

I know it’s just a cake and the world wouldn’t end without it. It warms my heart and reconfirms we’ve made the right choice for our son. As a parent of a child with autism, my days and nights can be filled with worry.

Am I doing enough? Am I doing the right thing?

Did I make the right choice by going this route?

What does the future hold? Will others see him as I do?

But tomorrow those thoughts are pushed aside and replaced with a little boy’s birthday party!

With a very special cake.

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